For Switchfoot fans, mid-December dealt a blow of sadness. The band penned a very heart-felt letter to, not just "fans" rather, their Friends. Headlining the entry as Home - For Now, A Break. Pouring their hearts out, expressing gratitude, as well as recapping a 20-year journey so many have come to know & love; like friends. Before announcing a hiatus, of sorts.

Well... fret not! There's gonna be a singular-version of Switchfoot, popping up for live shows, thanks to recent updates. Jon had an outrageous goal back in 2015: set out to perform 25 live-shows in just 24 hours. And, well, with it's successful completion; of course the 2015-insanity, plus ludicrous footage from the sleep-deprivation, it's all being transformed into a docu-movie... Which is what he'll be taking on the road, beginning in March, throughout April 2018! CLICK HERE for more on whats about to happen.

And you know I couldn't leave ya with just that! So here's a peek - #25IN24