What is something you are trying to get better at doing? Right now...in this moment? Budgeting? Organization? Being On Time? Getting Healthy? Stopping Smoking? Keeping the House Clean? Need I go on? :) 

There is 1 thing we are always in the midst of improving on...Things we struggle with...things we sometimes try to hide from other people (aka..I'm fine!) 

For me...it's weight. I hate that it is...but it is. I eat my feelings. I thought there was true happiness in food (spoiler alert: there's not) ;) 

I have been working on it since June. I've lost over 30 pounds. I have a ways to go. I have good days and bad. I want to invite you in to the journey. 

I've started an instagram page...I'm not pushing a product or a program...just sharing my struggles with you - and my successes - join me!! Videos, funny pictures, before and after shots...everything! 

Air1Mandy Instagram . 



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