Did you miss a life hack this week? Don't do that!! :) Catch up here...with some easy breezy ways to save yourself a little time money and energy. 

Did you know that 15 min of music before bed is good for you? Not your phone or tv...but 15 min of music (minimum) before bed. It helps you sleep better and wake up easier...yes please :) 

Have a sock that doesn't have a partner? (Poor sock) Put it to good use!! This is one of my all time favorite life hacks. Use the sock on your hand (like a puppet) to dust blinds, baseboards...anything in your house! I use it to get the dust off my dryer and washer. The best part? You can take it off your hand and throw it back in the wash. My daughter loves this tip... ;) 

This video explains it all  BRACELET 101

I don't do this at my house yet...but I'm gonna - it's brilliant. Never burn yourself in the shower again :)  

Gonna be honest...this may put a few pounds on - but it will be worth it :) Almost finished with that jar of Nutella or Cookie Butter or Caramel or WHATEVER? put ice cream in the almost empty jar. You will not waste food :) You will not dirty a dish and it's delicious. My grandma has been doing this for years - she's ahead of her time :)