Remember that 80's commercial where the dad confronts his son for doing drugs? The father says, "where did you learn how to do this stuff?" The son yells, "I learned it from watching you!!!"  (I'm putting the link here b/c if you haven't seen it - you classic 80's anti drug campaign) That commercial has stuck in my head since I was a kid. Now that I am a parent, I am SUPER aware that my kids are watching us - always. I am sad to say they have seen me at some of my worst moments. They have watched my anger and impatience. They have seen me gossip and  have watched my selfishness on full display. I know that I have not always set the best example BUT I also know we are not a sum of our mistakes. They also watch the great things we do :) 

Last night, my son got up during his band concert to present one of the selections. He went to the microphone and spoke with a clear voice. He had a bright smile...looked people in the eyes and was the only kid wearing a suit and tie. I was beaming.  After the show, I found him in the crowd and we began to walk home. A teacher stopped us and told him what a great job he did. She said he was poised, fearless yet humble and always so polite and kind. I'm bawling. (inside...i held it together on the outside) :) We walked home in silence for a few moments and then he turned to me and said, "I learned that by watching you." I was taken back by that. It is not very often I feel poised or fearless...more like awkward and uncomfortable. He said..."I watch what you do every day....talking to tons of people. You are never scared and you are always funny and kind."  Now I'm bawling on the outside. 

Guys, we are going to mess up...and more than likely our kids may pick up a bad habit or two from us...but they will also get some of the good stuff. The beauty of today is we have a chance to show them more good than bad. I'm not going to waste that chance today. 

Jack Band