I'm on the struggle bus today!! You know one of those days where you forgot to buy groceries for breakfast (flaming hot cheetos and milk doesnt count as a nutritional breakfast), your to-do list is longer than the time you have to do-it in, and you see something on social media that hurts your feelings? I got a seat on the struggle bus. 

I met up with a friend before work and she said “just don't forget to get off at the next stop”…

Wheeew I needed that. Don't forget to get off at the next stop. I tend to let a bad morning turn into a bad day which can even snowball into a bad week. But we get to chose when to get off. We don't get to chose what happens to us (cuz life just happens) and we shouldn't ignore tough emotions but we get to decide how long we want to stay on that bus. A bad mood is a choice. 

We have the choice to wallow or follow…God (off that bus!)

If its been the same kind of day for you, let me know and I'll be praying for ya