Have you ever read or heard something over and over again but then it hits you like never before? Had that experience at church this weekend talking about Peter and his denial of Christ. 

The speakers were sharing about the prayer Jesus said for Peter before telling him that he would ultimately deny Christ 3 times; they suggested that prayer was a prayer of restoration for Peter after he denied Christ (Luke 22). They went on to explain when we have our own issues or 'denials of Christ' we need to come to God, deal with it and forgive ourselves like Christ has forgiven us. The truth is regret is no different than bitterness in holding us back from fulfilling God's purpose in our lives. 

They ended by saying after Peter denied Christ he went back to being a 'forgiven fisherman' thinking he was not good enough but Jesus went to find Peter and remind him he was the rock the church would be built on (Matt. 16). Kinda makes you wonder if we are living as the 'forgiven fisherman' holding on to regrets or if we can move past our shortcomings, which have already been paid for, to 'be the rock' or fulfill the purpose God's has for us.