• Colton Dixon

    Colton Dixon

    As a teenager growing up just outside of Nashville, singer/songwriter Colton Dixon knew he wanted to pursue music professionally.

    Colton first began taking steps to fulfill his dream when he and his sister, Schyler, auditioned for season ten of American Idol. That year, neither of them made it to the top forty.
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    • New Record
      2 mins
    • American Idol Tour
      3 mins
    • Final American Idol Performance
      3 mins
    • Turning 21
      6 mins
    • Colton Dixon, The Difficult of Goatee Maintenance, Mason & Baseball & Grace, Hansen's Helpful Househ
      38 mins
    • Count Chocula, Colton Dixon Hair, Addicted to Compliments, Babysitting, The Debates, and Setting Goa
      16 mins
    • Oracle, The Psalms, Before You Complain..., Brant's Magic, Nerd Cred, The Underdog, Brant to the Fut
      32 mins
    • What's Next
      2 mins
    • Bracket of Awesomeness: Colton Dixon's Hair, God Wants Us To Change, Justifying Ourselves, The Stres
      35 mins
    • Free Lunch and Grace, The Older Brother and the Party, Pride/Receiving, Church Dinner in Mexico, Hel
      30 mins
    • Remembering Who You Are, Bracket of Awesomeness, Coffee vs. Antibiotics, Stumbling But Not Quitting,
      28 mins
    • "Brant's Perfect Show", Sitting As Judge, Sci-Fi Question: $1,000 vs. No Caffeine The God of The Bi
      30 mins
    • Colton & Mandisa
      10 mins
    • Believing in God vs. Trusting Him, Tips 4 Jesus, Brant's Duet, Octagon of Christmas Knowledge, Is Go
      24 mins
    • Beautiful Jesus, Kamikaze Karaoke, Truck Guy Problem, Wrong Song Lyrics, An R&B Apology, Club Awesom
      23 mins
    • Save the Alien Planet w/Colton Dixon, God As Doctor, Kindness, Forbearance, Can't Stop Laughing, Tru
      23 mins
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