• Matthew West's New Song "Broken Things" Takes Him to A Place of Worship

    Thursday, September 14, 2017

    Usually confident in his ability to remain composed during song performances, Matthew admits that he reacts differently when singing "Broken Things" a new song from his album All In (September 22, 2017):

    "I kind of had a hard time even getting through the writing and recording process without, kind of, being brought to tears," Matthew reflects, "there's something about these lyrics ... that brought me to a real place of worship, every time. Even when I hear it now, the chorus says:

    “I'm just a beggar in the presence of a King
    I wish I could bring so much more
    But if it's true that You use broken things
    Then here I am Lord, I'm all Yours.”


    Openly honest about his own personal struggles over the years, Matthew says he's in awe over how God still uses him a 'broken thing'...

    “There's a whole lot of times in my life where I feel disqualified. As if I've messed up too many times and, if grace is a kingdom, I'm just gonna hang outside the gates. But, time and time again, day after day, morning after morning, God invites me inside those gates and says, 'Come on. I'm going to use you in a powerful way.' Our God's in the business of using broken people and broken things.”

    Watch his performance video for "Broken Things" here:

    To learn more about Matthew, his songs, videos, and bio >>click here<<

    Hillsong Young & Free's Laura, Michael & Alex talk about their new single "Love Won't Let Me Down"

    Wednesday, September 06, 2017

    Alex Pappas remembers how he was with his friend, and band-mate, Michael Fatkin when he started thinking "What is the truth I want to sing. What is the truth I want to Pen?" It was during that writing session that the theme and melody for Hillsong Young & Free's latest single "Love Won't Let You Down" gradually revealed itself. And, now, they are hopeful it will impact others as much as it does them...

    "I just love sort of the story and the journey that I hope we were able to convey," Alex says. "I feel like we often think in our relationship that God is here on this straight path and we often wander off. And, the really cool thing about God, I think, is that He stays with us no matter where we go. His love is persistent. It's never far."

    Written with youth in mind "Love Won't Let You Down" is versatile enough to have wide audience appeal, inspiring young and old with it's message of God's loving pursuit of us.

    Laura Toggs, lead-singer and Hillsong youth pastor says, “I love a song like this. Because, working with a lot of young people you see so many relationships that do let them down or do fail them. And, so to be able to create such a high energy vibe ... and to be able to declare that love, the love of God, won't let them down is really powerful.”

    Learn more about the song, it's creation and message, in this New Song Café performance and interview:


    UNITED's Wonder In The Wild Destination: Wedding!

    Friday, July 28, 2017
    Wonder in the Wild:  Chad & Jamie's Wedding in Kalama, Washington!

    The bride gasped when she realized the special guests they'd invited, but weren't sure would make it, had arrived...

    It all started on June 28 when UNITED announced on social media that they were coming to the United States for a series of "Wonder in the Wild" events from July 18 - August 6. The band encouraged fans to help set the itinerary for their US visit by posting short video invitations on Instagram. Chad and Jamie posted their invite and even created a dedicated Instagram identity for their effort.


    On July 22, members of the band, including Taya Smith, Jonathon Douglass (JD) and Matt Crocker, showed up at Chad and Jamie's wedding to perform, pray and celebrate with everyone there...

    The video does a good job of imparting the joy and fun experienced on this, for many, never to be forgotten day. And, as JD, Matt and Taya run off to their next event, JD shares some details of what made this event so unique:

    "It's cool because they actually started dating at a UNITED night, however many years ago, and then today they got married." - JD, UNITED

    And, while it wasn't a surprise visit, earlier this year UNITED stopped by Air1 to perform their new song "Wonder." Check it out: 

    FINAL THOUGHT: Just imagine those wedding photos!