• UNITED's Wonder In The Wild Destination: Wedding!

    Friday, July 28, 2017
    Wonder in the Wild:  Chad & Jamie's Wedding in Kalama, Washington!

    The bride gasped when she realized the special guests they'd invited, but weren't sure would make it, had arrived...

    It all started on June 28 when UNITED announced on social media that they were coming to the United States for a series of "Wonder in the Wild" events from July 18 - August 6. The band encouraged fans to help set the itinerary for their US visit by posting short video invitations on Instagram. Chad and Jamie posted their invite and even created a dedicated Instagram identity for their effort.


    On July 22, members of the band, including Taya Smith, Jonathon Douglass (JD) and Matt Crocker, showed up at Chad and Jamie's wedding to perform, pray and celebrate with everyone there...

    The video does a good job of imparting the joy and fun experienced on this, for many, never to be forgotten day. And, as JD, Matt and Taya run off to their next event, JD shares some details of what made this event so unique:

    "It's cool because they actually started dating at a UNITED night, however many years ago, and then today they got married." - JD, UNITED

    And, while it wasn't a surprise visit, earlier this year UNITED stopped by Air1 to perform their new song "Wonder." Check it out: 

    FINAL THOUGHT: Just imagine those wedding photos!

    The Story Behind Jeremy Camp's Riveting New Song "Word Of Life"

    Tuesday, July 25, 2017

    "Speak to my weary heart
    Strengthen my broken parts
    Lead me to Your open arms
    Word of truth
    Illuminate all these lies
    The enemy speaks inside
    In freedom I will rise"

    ~Lyrics from "Word Of Life"

    "Jesus literally offers peace, He offers hope, He offers joy. He offers the words of eternal life ... I want to encourage you guys, man, stick to the only true source of life. And, that's Jesus Christ because He gives us all that we need." - Jeremy Camp